We are curious and want to contribute to a regenerative planet. We embrace diversity and inclusion by creating a space where everyone can connect and bring unique skills, viewpoints and backgrounds.

We strongly believe in the talents of individuals and in the strengths of an effective team. We work holacratically; everyone is responsible and accountable for their roles. This gives our colleagues the freedom to do what they are best at and to make their own choices in line with the purpose of the organisation.

DIG’er highlight

Marieke Rietbergen
Founder and CEO
Leads, designs, inspires, facilitates and publishes.

“Nothing really changes until individuals are open to it and willing to change. And no, you cannot force that, but only facilitate it. If you want to achieve something, you have to get people on board. They have to want it to be able to do it and keep doing it. Difficult? Certainly, but with DIG we have shown that it is possible.”

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A team that has design thinking and action in its DNA. That creative intelligence leads to innovative solutions. People all have their qualities. Meet them here.

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