About DIG

DIG is a creative social and strategy design studio with a proven track record in co-creating creative solutions for complex social challenges.

created by DIG

DIG makes change seemingly easy

We bring in our expertise with organisations to create a futureproof world in which people have a say in the future they want and that is just to all life on this planet. DIG inspires, supports and guides these organisations at two levels: at organisational level in mastering this new way of working and at tactical and operational level in co-creating concepts, visions and directions for the societal issues at stake.

DIG approaches complex societal issues

with diverse mindsets creativity,

transdisciplinary work and an openness

to experiential learning

and daring to step in the unknown.

We lead with these values

1. Creative Intelligence:
- Our drive stems from a deep love for imaginative wisdom and concepts that embrace empathy and an open mind.
- Our work is grounded in proven methods while being practical and context specific in real-world needs of today and the future.

2. Regenerative Culture:
- We prioritise the well-being of all life.
- We actively seek diverse perspectives.
- We co-create inclusive solutions and feel responsible to make it happen, for both current and future challenges.

3. Playful Catalysts:
- We shake up the status quo, strategically challenging norms to spark profound change with our clients and partners.
- We bring liveliness, active co-creation and can be provocative.

DIG has more than 20 years of experience in over 35 countries, with 250+ projects and 400+ partners. ​