Marieke Rietbergen

Founder & CEO

Marieke Rietbergen, DIG

Marieke Rietbergen is the founder of Design Innovation Group (DIG), the agency that uses design thinking to address societal challenges. Using innovative methods, DIG (re)designs policies, services and systems. DIG connects people and systems to move and accelerate comprehensive transitions where necessary. Rietbergen looks for ways to reinvent and organise responsibilities throughout the chain. And at the same time, individual behaviour is needed for the transition to succeed. People want to make and have cool things, without feeling guilty about it.  

As an occupational therapist, Rietbergen saw that openness and willingness to change helped individuals make necessary change. You can’t force those traits, only facilitate them. She uses that insight for innovation processes with her clients. With her knowledge as a political scientist, she exposes power structures and obstacles in the how and why of transformation. The world is waiting for positive change. 

“Design Innovation Group connects people and systems towards transitions where needed and accelerates them.