DIG Brands

DIG Brands is a natural extension of DIG's vision to empower organisations in transitioning to a sustainable (regenerative) and inclusive future. The portfolio of brands represents a diverse range of products and services, each with its unique identity and value proposition. We believe that these brands can contribute to co-creating a better world by catering to diverse needs and challenges while upholding our core values of sustainability (regenerativity) and inclusivity.

Butterfly Works

Through Butterfly Works, we add value to our clients’ projects or programmes.

Butterfly Works power or value lies in creating a world in which people have a say in the future they want. Where there are no boundaries between sectors so that together, we can take responsibility for a better world. Social change can only be achieved together with the people who experience it. That is why we see in everyone a co-creator of change.

Inclusive Diversity

We embrace diversity and believe it is a foundation for innovation. We like creating conditions in which all diverse voices and ideas can be included. We are sensitive to existing inequalities and make a conscious effort to see the invisible, harmful problems for the minority. We create solutions to take away these problems.

Grounded Solutions

We explore new ways to solve problems while being grounded in the contexts where we work. We create solutions that are ready to be used by the people they are designed for.

Growth Mindset

We are curious explorers of the world where we find our inspiration. We see ourselves as lifelong learners. We embrace failure as part of our learning process and are happy to talk about it.

Butterfly Effect

We are aware that our work is placed inside a bigger system, and we make thoughtful decisions on how we impact the system. We look beyond the direct results of our work and strive for long-term sustainable change. We trust that things will never happen as planned, but we believe in a positive and open state of mind.

Theory of Change

”Over the years, we have developed a unique set of tools that can be easily adjusted to local contexts and used to tackle any social issue.

The Butterfly Works method goes beyond the tools you will find in this toolbox; it is a process, a mindset and a set of skills.”


In this toolbox, you will find:
- Design thinking tools to apply to your project
- Cases where the tools have been applied
- Searchable tool library

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