I like it, what is it?

I like it, what is it?

When I first walked into Design Innovation Group, as a graduate intern from Arnhem Business School, I had no idea what to expect, how I was going to contribute to the organisation, but I was excited. I had never really worked at a design based organisation and this was completely out of my comfort zone. That just made it all the more interesting. It was about 6 months ago that I started my long awaited internship at this organisation. You might be at this point wondering what DIG is all about, what it means to me, well here it is.

Design Innovation Group isn’t your typical run of the mill organisation. Yes, it is a design/creative consultancy, but it is so much more that just that. This I figured out after a few months of working here. In the very beginning I got stuck when I was trying to figure out what my graduation assignment would be. However, by talking to the colleagues and of course my coach and founder of DIG, Marieke, I was able to work it out. DIG, true to their promise, helped me unfold my unseen potential. This is when I felt part of the team. DIG was no longer a ‘they’ for me but had become ‘we.’

I have witnessed first-hand how this commitment reflects completely on the work that we have done so far, and the work that we are continuously doing. Even though I have not been part of many projects because I was tasked to brand the organisation – brand us. Regardless, I knew about the projects, the teams, the process and progress. It was part of my job to know.

As someone who wasn’t directly involved in the projects that were taking place or even that had taken place, I had a different perspective. I had become an ‘embedded journalist.’ Part of this was to write about our projects, go around talking to team members to know about the projects. Like I mentioned before, this gave me an outside perspective, at the same time, I was on the inside. The projects that DIG worked on, and works on, encompass all and every field I can think of. We have empowered organisations by giving them knowledge, I have seen us collaborate with universities and students to figure out what they stand for and I have seen how authentic each and every one of us are in our work. Our values are what make up our DNA and we thrive on it. At any given point, I can assure you that you can trust DIG to give you an approach to figuring out the best way to solve an issue, be it in terms of designing a new policy for governments, change the behaviour of employees of an organisation, innovate new strategies for companies to move forward and of course humanise technology in a way that it is user-friendly. Not only that, DIG doesn’t only solve an organisations issues, but also helps them realise ideas and bring to life new methods, tools that will make a significant change.

Not only is the work they do absolutely great, but also the people working for DIG and the people they work with are the best in the business. Design Innovation Group is a multi-disciplinary organisation. The team is made up of people who come from different backgrounds and have a wide range of skills that they demonstrate in their work, in the projects they work on.

DIG is about discovering and establishing a worthwhile future, not just for the organisation themselves, but for everyone around them, their clients, their partners, their friends and colleagues.

Design Innovation Group is weird, and it is wonderful.

Kyoko Bhuiyan | Communication Intern | DIG