Reality Tanks

Droog Reality Tanks

Renny Ramakers, director of Droog Design, took the initiative to develop a two-year program focused on bringing speculative design into realisation. She knew great designers who speculate – through design – about what could/should be. However these ideas and concepts were difficult to bring to life. Designers had difficulties creating and realising (physically) their concepts.

Droog decided to start collaboration with some designers to change that. Droog sought and defined a methodology to bring speculative design further. They wanted to build a bridge for the designers and connect them with partners with (technical) expertise in the Netherlands through reality tanks.

Supported by the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industrie, Droog worked with four designers to make their ideas a reality. Design Innovation Group took the lead as project leader and was in charge of finding the right partners for the designers to collaborate with. We supported and facilitated the collaboration in the reality tanks, defined an outline for the methodology and organised the final event and symposium.

Through the reality tanks we focused on four themes that included an aesthetic and appearance of Solar Panels, a new innovative and unconventional way of tanning Leather, a new kind of Polymer that combined composite materials with new methods of production and Future Skin, which was developed based on existing PH indicators for a product, which can be applied on fabric.