Talent Day

Talent Day - ING

‘The larger the collection of ideas, the richer the material for possible innovation’

ING believes in diversity and takes pride in the fact that they have that among their employees. They wanted to celebrate and unleash the potential of their most talented employees by engaging them with the real-world challenges of the market and society in which ING operates.

Design Innovation Group joined Call for Action and ING on a mission to inspire a new approach to problem solving. The ING Talent Day was a full day event organised by DIG along with Call for Action where 12 teams of talented representatives were to think independently and collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams under time pressure to work on real strategic challenges that ING were then facing. These teams were equipped with tools and training centred in design thinking, and supplied with fresh perspectives in the form of street interviews and interviews with ING staff. The workshop focused on teams researching topics of importance and then developing ideas to address the challenges and pitch it to the members of the jury.

DIG made sure that the teams were vibrant and had fun while coming up with new products and ideas. The workshop was facilitated by architects, web designers and industrial designers.

The panel of ING Business line managers and member of the board selected three especially strong ideas for further development, which is currently underway.