Smart Sustainable Cities
Centre of Expertise / Hogeschool Utrecht

Smart Sustainable Cities

The concept of the Smart Sustainable Cities is becoming more widely accepted and implemented as well. The Centre of Expertise, part of Hogeschool Utrecht, took up its role to support the realisation of such a City in Utrecht as well.

Design Innovation Group was hired by the director of the centre to develop a Business Plan in order to involve potential partners and to receive the required funding to set up and execute a research program. Together with the centre, DIG organised a series of co-creation sessions and built a road map in order to get to the proposed idea. DIG conducted interviews internally with professors and teachers and externally with partners, including the centre and assistants to find out the (strategic) value and the aims of the Centre when it comes to Smart Sustainable Cities. The Business Plan proposes three programs based on the themes; energy neutral cities, healthy cities and buildings, sustainable behaviour and people and organisations.

By presenting the business plan, the Centre of Expertise teamed up with partners and received the required funding.

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