Getting the basics right
Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders

‘We need to get out basics right’

Doctors without Borders realised that there were too many processes and service at the core of the organisation that could and should be organised more intuitively and efficiently.

The management team wanted to raise awareness within the organisation about getting the basics right and the chances for improvement within the organisation. Design Innovation Group helped them to achieve the mindset that they could improve the current situation by learning from others.

DIG conducted interviews with different people within the organisation to generate insights about how they could improve these said specific basics. Based on that, DIG invited speakers from KLM, and ING Group to inspire Doctors without Boarders in trying out a different approach.

DIG then established a few ideas on how to improve communications and services within the organisation, using service design; training and of course, how using infographics is a better way of influencing behaviour. We invited service designer, Ideate and infographic goddess Karin Schwandt.

Doctors without Borders decided that they would rethink their basics on two areas (among others); training and the development of emergency kits.