Co-designing a proper and clear profile for the Hogeschool Utrecht

‘I need to be able to explain in one sentence what we’re doing’

Hogeschool Utrecht (2015) felt the need – as a broad university of applied sciences – to develop a clear and proper profile that would show a clear idea of what the Hogeschool Utrecht (both from an educational and research perspective) is about. Remko van der Lugt – lecturer Co-Design – was asked by the executive board of the university to compose a team to develop this profile. Together with Design Innovation Group, Zilver Innovation and Ideate, he took up the task to design and co-create an approach to develop a concrete, single DNA for Hogeschool Utrecht.

The process included a series of interviews, co-creation and reflection sessions involving both internal and external stakeholders. These brought insights which were developed in building blocks that could create multiple stories. The four stories were tested and further developed (through story telling, examples, proof and anecdotes) again with internal and external stakeholders.

In the end, the team presented two ’90% stories’ and brought the heart and soul of the university to the executive board and team of directors. With their final input they were able to create a single story, thus creating a DNA that showed the unique position of the Hogeschool Utrecht.