Policy and behaviour canvas
Behavioural Insights Team /
Ministry I&M

DOE - MEE Tool (Canvas Beleid en gedrag)

When making policies, ministries rarely consider how it would affect the behaviour of the employees. Introducing new policies strongly relate to how the people, especially the employees of said organisation change their behaviours according to the new policies. Therefore, the Behavioural Insight Team of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment had developed a tool which was implemented in order to make sure that when making policies, the ministry was aware and taking into account the behaviour of the people. This is an instrument that brings together policy making and behavioural change.


Design Innovation Group became involved with this project after it had already taken off. DIG’s job was to fine-tune the tool. It is a tool which provides insights regarding behaviour, a tool which enables one to design effective policies. DIG wanted to make sure that the ministry knew that it is essential to carefully consider the behaviour of all parties involved or it will become difficult to design a policy that is effective.

In order to make sure that the policy is effective, a lot of factors had to be considered. The new and improved tool consists of a brochure with a ‘how to’ section along with information and factors to consider. To make it more organised and concrete, there is a form that organisations can fill out. It helps one to analyse well, to think things through, and to be precise / concrete.