Renate Hilhorst
Design Researcher

As a graduate of Visual Arts and Design Management the HKU, Renate Hilhorst found her interest in the world of creative strategy. She has always had a strong focus on meaningful cross-overs. With a special interest in healthcare, her graduation thesis was based on research she did at The Eyecare Hospital Rotterdam. She dived in real patient experiences and helped the organisation focus on patient centred innovations by making patient journeys and service blueprints.

Working on CSR projects for different types of clients is what motivates Renate at Design Innovation Group. She sees the opportunities in connecting different parties within an organisation or between organisations and clients. It’s not only important to collaborate with clients, but also to work with the end-users of a client to really understand them. Renate combines business thinking with visual thinking, as she believes that visualising helps all parties to get a to a shared understanding of a problem.