Marieke Rietbergen
Founder & CEO

‘It is good. How can it become better?’

‘I want to become better each day and come closer towards who I am.’

Her approach towards life, team and our clients is develop-mental more than it is developmental. She wants individuals and organisations to unfold their unseen potential. With Design Innovation Group, she is a major support in realising that potential.

She is inquisitive to her own develop-mental path: I want to become better each day and come closer towards who I am. My attitude is ‘It is good. How can it become better?’ – as the Japanese say in their kaizen approach. She is a creative collaborator with a passion for human-centered innovation. She believes in the value of creative processes, and the potential they have to accelerate positive change.

Marieke is educated in Political Science and Occupational Therapy. As an occupational therapist she learned how to work with individuals, their behaviour and their context. A condition for living life to the fullest – with any handicaps – is a willingness, openness and acceptance to change. This cannot be forced, but has to emerge from within a patient. The same goes for innovation among our clients.

Her background in political science made her attentive for power structures and the context of the individual. This helps her to understand why and how transformation is hindered or supported.

Before DIG, Marieke worked with Dutch think tank The Knowledgeland Foundation and AMO. After working for the managing partner of OMA she spent three years applying her skills in advising, connecting, and implementing, to projects independently for Droog Design, XML architects and as support of the Topteam Creative Industries. The variety of her experiences translates into versatility in the face of new challenges.

Marieke is a mother of two. She enjoys being surprised by the weird and wonderful and being aesthetically pleased. She believes in the value of connecting diverse perspectives and has an extensive network of great minds to draw upon. Her enthusiasm for ideas is complemented by her proactive energy, applied to making ideas happen.