Butterfly Works and Design Innovation Group announce a new milestone in their merging

Utrecht, 31st August 2023: In an exciting milestone, the Butterfly Works brand has officially migrated to the Design Innovation Group (DIG). Butterfly Works will retain its distinctive identity as a methodology for cross-cultural co-creation under the umbrella of DIG. 

A New Chapter for Butterfly Works  

While our wings may carry a new logo, our commitment to the power of co-creation and Design thinking for social impact remains the same. As we embark on this collaborative journey, we are thrilled to unveil the next chapter for Butterfly Works.  

Butterfly Works will thrive as a brand powered by DIG, allowing us to continue applying and refining our methodology for cross-cultural co-creation using our Butterfly toolbox while fostering the growth of our cherished Butterfly community.

In this new phase, there are big changes in the smart and creative minds that have been part of Butterfly Works! We say goodbye to our Supervisory Board composed of Anita van Duin, Edith van der Spruit, Arnoud van der Zee, Bas van Berkestijn and Susan van Esch. We thank them for their commitment and contributions to Butterfly Works! 

The Butterfly Works Foundation continues to make a meaningful difference with communities around the world by supporting projects in line with the cross-cultural co-creation and design thinking methodology for a more inclusive and diverse world. This will be done under the guidance of Zuleika Sheik, Edith van der Spruit and Tjerk Wagenaar as our new Board, who are taking over from Hanja Holm and Merel van der Woude.  

We are making big steps towards our vision 

This significant milestone marks our commitment to leveraging design as a catalyst for societal progress, bridging gaps, and effecting transformative change. Together, we are committed to building a world in balance, that can withstand the tests of time, grounded in the principles of fairness, equity and sustainability. We will continue to trigger innovation and create meaningful social impact with communities and organisations around the world.  

For further inquiries or information, please visit the official Design Innovation Group website or contact Marieke Rietbergen, Director Design Innovation Group at: marieke@designinnovationgroup.nl or Merel van der Woude, at: merel@designinnovationgroup.nl 

Quote Merel:  

“Butterfly Works has come a long way since its beginnings at the start of this millennium. It’s great to see it as a brand for the methodology that is at the core of the work we have been doing for almost 2 decades! I look forward to continue growing and learning as a bigger team at Design Innovation Group.”