Willemijn Doop
Graphic Designer

‘I want to keep developing who I am’

Willemijn is a very focused person. This comes with being a graphic designer. She graduated at the HKU in 2012 . When it comes to working on projects and developing ideas, she takes it step by step. Through her work she wants to make sure that whatever she is creating captures what she wants to express and tells a story.

Willemijn has been a crucial part of telling Design Innovation Group’s story. She shows the world a side of DIG that is clear, visually attractive and understandable. She translates words into graphics and photos that not only highlights DIG’s work, but also her authenticity. It is her authenticity that sets her apart from the rest of team and therefore makes her an invaluable part of DIG.

In many ways DIG has played an important role in helping her to develop herself. She appreciates the structure and is loyal to the team and vice versa.


E: willemijn@designinnovationgroup.nl