Sander Mulder
Co-creation expert + Researcher

Sander has the ability to quickly change perspectives: from abstract to concrete, from theory to daily life, from stakeholder to those who will be affected by an innovation.

Sander can sink his teeth in questions like ‘How can we think responsibility of designers?’ To work with that question in practice wasn’t enough, hence his external PhD trajectory at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Whatever he is working on should support the development towards a world where our relationship with technical objects is more equal. As of lately, the late French philosopher Gilbert Simondon serves as his guide.

By means of designerly projects with (and without) DIG and through his academic career he is a ‘helpmate of emergence’*. Content and attention for how to explore unknown territory go hand in hand.

Sander was trained as an industrial designer, worked as an innovation consultant in various markets, teacher/coach in design education, and applies tai chi beyond the exercise room.

He’s always willing to serve by suggesting an approach or method for innovation, co-design and co-creation after a quick assessment of the situation. All he needs is coffee and he’ll go from there.

* Brian Massumi, 2009