Danielle Arets
Partner in crime

‘Design to make conversations and ideas tangible’

For Danielle, design is a perfect tool for better and different conversations that can lead to unexpected outcomes. This is essential in order to extract information from different types of people in various scenarios and address their problems and needs.

In our fast-changing world, organisations are increasingly confronted by complex, wicked challenges that require collaboration to resolve. But standard brainstorming sessions that circle back to nowhere don’t deliver. By designing strategic conversations we can generate breakthrough insights by combining ideas and thoughts of people with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Danielle has a background in Cultural & Science Studies & psychology (University of Maastricht) Media Studies & Journalism (Aarhus University Denmark) and Design (Design Academy Eindhoven). Danielle aims to bridge academic and design thinking through strategic, creative tools and techniques and by designing meaningful conversations.

Danielle is also Associate Lector in the Lectoraat (Readership) Strategic Creativity at Design Academy Eindhoven where she is working on a PhD research (University of Technology Eindhoven) around the role of design in policy debates.


E: info@capada.nl