Who we are

DIG was established in 2013, with the belief that design and design thinking could contribute immensely to the strategic questions business and organisations are confronted with. Since then we are exploring this strategic idea and concept at the best of our abilities.

At DIG, it is more about how you are facing life and the eagerness to explore all possibilities life has to offer you then anything else. Mastering programs such as indesign and xls are part of that. And we understand the importance of anything that is aesthetically pleasing. Having said that, most people working at DIG earned their 10.000-hours badge in a creative discipline.


Team members have degrees in (industrial) design, architecture, arts & economics or visual design. Next to that we believe in the value of multiple perspectives, which is why we are happy to work with philosophers, digital media experts, a political scientist and an innovation strategist. Furthermore DIG established partnerships with a team of freelancers with whom we love to collaborate with.

Our core values are strategic creativity, authenticity and collaboration. We love the weird and the wonderful.