DIG exists to inspire and
support organisations to
unfold their potential and
instigate meaningful change.

Unfolding (unseen) potential
and instigate meaningful change.

To respond to today’s complex society and to be ready for the future demands for innovation.

In order to respond effectively to a changing and uncertain context, organisations need to reconsider their organisational models and current business. There is a consistent need for bringing creative minds into the innovation process in order to create valuable insights as well as to make meaningful change happen. With our knowledge and experience in design thinking and our multi disciplinary and authentic approach, we are able to empower our clients and reveal their unseen potential.


What we do

Behaviour change is often needed to make sure that policy goal and companies’ targets are met to make sure that organisations, staff and the public are up to date with the constantly changing world. Design Innovation Group has been on the forefront of designing for behavioural change. We collaborate with organisations and take charge as ‘interventionists’ whose goal it is to design and implement programs that produce the desired behavioural changes.
National and local governments are looking into ways to modernise policy making and making sure that the work they are doing is effective. This is becoming increasingly difficult because of the multiple voices and multiple levels that need to be taken into account. Design can be a meaningful tool to tackle public problems and seizing opportunities that are there to achieve better and efficient societal outcomes. Design Innovation Group facilitates such coalition of parties and/or the governments to handle complex societal issues and use design as a means to renew policymaking and to bridge the practical (behavioural) level within policies and the abstract level of administrative and corporate affairs.
Innovation Strategy is essentially a plan that is prepared by any organization to encourage advancements in technology or services, by conducting and investing in research and development. Design Innovation Group constantly works with people within companies and organisations who want to figure out in which direction they need to innovate or how they can use design thinking and human centred design to make it happen. .
Humanising technology is being able to identify how to transform new technologies so that people will actually use it. Design Innovation Group uses design thinking to develop new means of enabling people to engage with technology, and to feel confident and comfortable about using it in their everyday lives. Advancements in technology are inevitable, and with the constant progress that is taking place it is important to make sure that these technologies are user-centred.

Our clients